About me

I’m a graphic designer and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign. I’ve done a wide range of print work, from CD covers to corporate identity materials. My Web design work runs from banners, interactive ads, and site design including custom CMS themes and templates. I have experience in branding and maintaining style guidelines, some project management, and social media marketing.

Currently I teach at Austin Community College. Classes I’ve taught include:

  • Digital Publishing I: focus on Adobe InDesign, typography, page layout, graphic terminology and pre-press production
  • Digital Publishing II: coordinating InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, and Acrobat together, using advanced features for print layout and interactive design; emphasis on pre-press, 2- and 4-color separation, and dealing with industry vendors
  • Interactive Digital Media I: using Adobe Flash Professional for animation and interactive design
  • Digital Imaging I: using Photoshop layers, masks, layer styles, type effects, and filters, and also covering resolution, file formats, output devices, and color systems, for both print and web output
  • Pre-Certification for Graphic Arts (Capstone): guiding students in demonstrating their knowledge and expertise, and in résumé and portfolio development
  • Web Design I: Instruction in web page design and related graphic design issues, including mark-up languages, web sites, and browsers, using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap.

I’ve also done workshop trainings, which are a lot of fun because no grading is involved.

You may contact me with kudos, complaints, or offers of money below.